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                     Name                                      Author                                            Download                                                             Screenshot                            Description                                                                                             

 Easy to Brutal  Syr  

 Super Mario World Hack.


Mario is bored, so now he goes on a journey to find the toughest level. Hack has custom music, custom bosses, including the final boss, and a few custom sprites. No exgfx. It's a short hack. The OW sucks but

 Zsnes  none. Go to or google it.  Super nintendo emulator
 Lunar Magic Fusoya   Lunar  None due to enormous size.  The best Smw editor.

 Lakita vs. Fawful demo 1

 Syr  None

 Mario Gamemaker game

An old school type fan game where you play as Lakita. As him, you ride his cloud, firing spinies at enemies and getting to star at the end of the level. The demo includes The opening scene, 2 levels and one boss. Yes this game has a storyline.

 Yoshiro demo 1  Syr  Yoshiro demo    Syr's old and first successful smw hack
 Lunar ips  Fusoya  None  Use to create or apply .ips patches via smw hack.
 YYchr  YY  None  Used to create or edit graphics in a smw hack.
 Wario's Breakout  The Game Sage  

 This Demo was created by The Game Sage of mfgg. There will be more updates on this.

Wario's just purchased an Electroblock that he can use to smash Blocks full of treasure high above him. The bad news? If it hits the ground below the blocks, it'll shock him! Play as Wario as you try to keep the Electroblock airborne and use it to smash brick blocks and win coins. Knock down Mushrooms to change the Block's size and speed along as Wario's. The game plays similar to the classic Breakout game, but with a twist.

-The game generates completely random levels. The game will last as long as you can stand.
-Use power-ups to influence the Electroblock and Wario.
-Listen to a few songs from various Wario titles.
-Small file zise.

 Mortal Kombat  Finisher songs

Dadiro  None.  A group of nice songs by Dadiro, good or fighting games. Enjoy.
Sb77's Music Pack  Sonicblue77    Included: a mix of anime songs, game songs, and much more.
 Various Mario Icons  Mario6464SMR  none

 A brilliant collection of Mario icons, for fan gamer's  use.


Syr, Sonicblue77



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